The SimyBall is a mobile game controller and biofeedback device in ball form. The SimyBall helps you to better understand your body, learn how much stress you can handle, and recognize when it becomes too much for your body.

When you hold the SimyBall in your hand, the ball’s integrated sensors provide you with feedback on your personal stress level in a matter of seconds. These sensors measure your pulse, skin conductance and skin temperature. Your current stress level is shown through color feedback. Blue means that you’re totally relaxed; green stands for relaxed; yellow shows that you’re stressed – while red means that your stress levels are at their limit, and you should take some time out for a relaxation session with the SimyBall as soon as possible.

With the SimyBall, you control the SimyGames through movement interactions.


The recorded vital signs such as your pulse, skin conductance and temperature are incorporated in your game result.


We can also fit your SimyBall with an induction coil on request, so that it can be charged quickly and easily.

Technical details


  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Induction coil (optional)
  • MicroUSB -> firmware update
  • MicroUSB -> charges @ 800mA or 500mA (USB2.0)
  • LiPo battery -> approx. 5h operating time
  • Deep discharge protection for battery
  • Power management for battery & electronics
  • Skin response measurement via galvanized receptor
  • Acceleration sensor
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • Infrared temperature sensor
  • Optical heart rate measurement
  • Bluetooth LE (4.2)
  • Arm Cortex M4 with integrated FPU @ 80MHz
  • Haptic feedback -> vibration motor
  • Optical feedback -> status LEDs