About us

The SimyBall concept comes from elite sport. Athletes consciously use regeneration and training phases to enhance their performance. In our fast-paced world, we often lose sight of this information about our body. Even when we know that we want to do something for ourselves, sometimes we just can’t stay on the ball. This is where SimyBall comes in. It takes in the messages your body sends and uses games to enhance your mental performance. To make this concept a reality, we founded SimyLife in February 2016.

In the SimyLife team, we combine the expertise of elite sports coaches with strategic IT management and years of experience in game development. Our university partners, such as the Vienna University of Applied Sciences and the University of Vienna, bring their scientific know-how to bear. With a good deal of creativity and effort, we have achieved something completely new. Each and every component of our SimyBall is produced by Austrian companies. This means that, from the concept to a market-ready product, the SimyBall is 100% ‘Made in Austria’.

FH Technikum Wien

Our history

A distinct training method

Andreas Chabicovsky developed a distinct training method to enhance stress tolerance...
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From elite sport to the world of business

Using the motto “if it’s good for elite athletes, it’s good for others too”, Andreas transferred his experiences from elite sport into a training concept for knowledge workers...
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The idea for SimyBall

The idea for SimyBall was born. Yet though participants were excited by the training sessions, they didn’t stay on the ball after the units had finished...
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The breakthrough

In summer 2015, in the Vienna museum district, over a beer... Andreas grabbed Marcel Aberle’s attention with the idea of building an intelligent anti-stress ball...
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In early 2016, Andreas and Marcel founded Stealth Games Studios GmbH...
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The initial prototype

David Zulic, our creative all-rounder, produced our first fully-functioning hardware prototype...
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A new investor is found

In Benjamin Vlasich, we discovered the investor and partner for sustainable collaboration that we desired...
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A new name: SimyLife

After taking into account feedback and market research results from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, we decided...
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SimyBall ready for pilot production

Under the aegis of our software and hardware developers David and Bernd, the first pilot product...
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